About Hapyrel

We are so happy that you've found this webshop! 
I will guarantee that you will be at least a little bit happier after your visit!


Happy vibes are the most describing words for Hapyrel. What you wear reflects how you feel and your charisma so what is better than nice, happy clothes that you will feel good and confident in. That's where we come in. We create happy, trendy and comfortable, clothing for women. 


I love fashion and I like drawing, so why not combine the two. So I started drawing and came up with the idea to design everyday clothing for all women wishing to express themselves through color and design. Ever since I was at the age of three I dressed up with different clothes and combinations, and I liked to mix patterns and colors! When it comes to how I dress, it is still the patterns and colors I find especially important, and which characterizes the way I dress.


I've always had a dream to create something of my own and after years of experience I thought it was time to create my own brand. I found out that there were not enough ordinary, everyday clothes with happy patterns and prints on the market so I wanted to create a collection with useful, but fun, garments!



 - Josefin Thors 
Owner & Designer of hapyrel.com


What is Hapyrel?

The name Hapyrel comes from the words Happy and Apparel, HAPYREL! In other words, Clothes that will make you happy!

We offer trendy but casual clothes for women. We have a passion for patterns and colors, as you will notice! All the products you'll find at our webshop are drawn and designed by Josefin herself. We launch new collections a few times a year where you will find products like dresses, skirts, tights, hoodies, t-shirts, shoes and bags.


The Debut Collection

Hapyrel’s first debut collection, “Russian Folklore”, is influenced by the Russian Folklore era. Josefin chose to work with Russian influences because of her russian roots, and thus, the collection is of personal value and, at the same time, a recognition and appreciation of the russian culture. In this collection you'll find floral patterns and strong colors as red and yellow.

Hapyrel is based on an on-demand-business strategy, which means each and every product is manufactured according to customers' demand. When an order is placed the product will be manufactured and shipped to the customer.

Trendy Sporty Streetwear Brand Launched in 2018.
Designed in Finland.

Online webshop, shipping worldwide.


Production images, from Riga, Latvia Fulfillment center

Wearing Hapyrel will inspire you to be confident and spread positive energy.

Use #Hapyrel @hapyrel to get a chance to get featured on our social media pages! We would love to see you wearing our stuff! 



Team Hapyrel